Passgenaue Filterelemente, Filtertücher und Zubehör
Passgenaue Filterelemente, Filtertücher und Zubehör

LENSER Mixed Pack

LENSER Mixed Pack

The LENSER Mixed Pack is a mixed plate configuration of the filter press. Here, a membrane filter plate is combined with a chamber filter plate in alternating sequence. The chamber filter element acts as a matching counterpart to the membrane and is therefore often called a combination plate. Membrane filter element and chamber filter element form a unique pair and always exactly fit together.

LENSER Mixed Packs are a combination of:

  • KM any membrane filter element, regardless of whether welded or exchangeable
  • KX chamber filter element for LENSER Mixed Pack, associated combination plate for respective diaphragm

LENSER Mixed Packs are very popular. While maintaining the same performance in terms of membrane technology with a post-press phase, they are nevertheless more cost-effective than a pure plate assembly of membrane filter plates and have proven themselves in all applications.


  • Cost reduction by combining chamber and membrane filter elements
  • Energy cost savings and reduced water consumption
  • Higher throughput capacity and higher dry matter content
  • Shorter filtration cycles with improved washing results

Filtration process

The filtration process with mixed plate loading works the same way as the membrane filtration. The quality of the filtration results and also the general process flow have the same advantages as membrane filtration with pure membrane loading, including the squeezing process.


Do you need filter elements for use in an explosion-proof application according to ATEX RL/94/9/EG?

LENSER is a certified manufacturer of electrostatically dissipative filter elements of device category 2G for use in explosion protection zone 1.

We confirm the conformity of the filter elements with the ATEX directive by issuing a corresponding certificate.

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