Passgenaue Filterelemente, Filtertücher und Zubehör
Passgenaue Filterelemente, Filtertücher und Zubehör

Filter Plates and Frames

Filterplatten- und Rahmensysteme von LENSER

Before the development of chamber filter elements, filter plate and frame systems were used as standard for solid-liquid separation. At the time, these were made of wood, but today they are made of plastic. LENSER manufactures them according to your requirements in many different formats and designs.

Filter plate and frame systems are still an inexpensive solution for simple filtration processes. They are a much sought-after solution for special processes and are used in the production of pharmaceuticals or for the filtration of blood plasma, as well as in the food industry.

We develop and manufacture the complete system, consisting of:

  • FP - Filter plate elements
  • FR - Filter frame elements
  • FX - Filter plate elements for a LENSER Mixed Pack

Advantages of filter plates and frames

  • Good washing results due to symmetrical cake chambers
  • Easy cloth exchange
  • Use of cost-effective filter media, such as one-way filter media
  • Variable cake thicknesses due to easy exchange of filter frames

Filtration process

A filtration process based on plate and frame systems is a classic pressure filtration. The individual chambers fill with the suspension, causing the filter cake to build up directly on the filter medium. Due to the ever increasing pressure in the chambers, the cake is dewatered – the resulting filtrate is collected separately.

Pressure filtration convinces with very good washing results and a well-formed and homogeneous filter cake.


Do you need filter elements for use in an explosion-proof application according to ATEX RL/94/9/EG?

LENSER is a certified manufacturer of electrostatically dissipative filter elements of device category 2G for use in explosion protection zone 1.

We confirm the conformity of the filter elements with the ATEX directive by issuing a corresponding certificate.

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