Pioniergeist liegt uns in den Genen
Pioniergeist liegt uns in den Genen

The pioneering spirit is in our genes

In 1969, Horst Lenser founded the company with a vision and revolutionized filtration technology. The use of filter elements made of polypropylene not only made work on filter presses much easier, but also significantly improved the quality of the filtration results.

The first membrane filter element followed only a few years later (1973). The novel membrane technology further matured the pressure filtration process that had been common until then. By squeezing the filter cake, the filtration cycle could be shortened considerably. The invention of replaceable membranes also came from LENSER.

So the pioneering spirit is truly in our blood. It is our personal incentive to optimize processes and drive innovations in the field of filtration. To this day, LENSER not only develops filter elements individually adapted to customer requirements – with regular product developments and outstanding market innovations – but has also positioned itself worldwide as an established technology leader.

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Today, LENSER filter elements are used all over the world. Innovations in solid-liquid separation, high-level expertise, reliability, and continuous growth have accompanied our success story. Whatever your challenge, we at LENSER use all our knowledge and experience to find the perfect solution for you and your filtration process.

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