Sustainable product solutions with LENSER NWTRL
LENSER NWTRL - title picture for sustainable products of LENSER
Customized Solutions at various sustainability levels


The choice of three different production materials makes it possible to customise the sustainability aspect just as individually as the filter plate itself.

Searching for innovation

The filtration and plastics manufacturing business is characterised by the use of large machinery, high energy consumption and a variety of plastics. The implementation of completely environmentally friendly processes is a major challenge for the industry. In our search for innovation, we at LENSER are therefore particularly focused on optimising existing processes and consistently making progress towards sustainability.

At LENSER, we are committed to ensuring our production processes are as environmentally friendly as possible. Our product development team consistently strives to offer increasingly sustainable solutions.
In addition to filter plates made from conventional, fossile-based polypropylene (PP), we also provide the option of utilizing polypropylene based on recycled biobased materials. LENSER PP NWTRL utilises various waste streams from the vegetable oil industry as raw materials. For the most sustainable choice, consider LENSER PE NWTRL, where the filter plate is crafted from bio-based polyethylene, which is made from 96% sugar cane.

The choice is yours!

The process temperature, the chemical composition of the suspension and the mechanical stress on the filter elements require careful material selection. We also pay attention to the highest quality when selecting our raw materials. With our own material research and a high level of experience in the correct preparation and processing of selected materials, we ensure that our products withstand the highest stresses.

With LENSER you now have the possibility to choose from three different material options:


LENSER PP is the proven and well known material polypropylen
and consists from 100% fossile raw materials.

  • proven material, that suits several requirements of
    filtration processes due to different versions and characteristics


  • LENSER PP NWTRL is the first step towards sustainability
  • Plant-based waste materials are processed and the recycled
    raw materials are added to the conventional fossile-based production.
  • LENSER PP NWTRL has identical characteristics as polypropylen without any sustainable adds.


  • LENSER PE NWTRL is a bio-based plastic material (Polyethylen)
  • made out of 96% sugar cane
  • The most sustainable product- and material option (non-biodegradable)
  • Better performance in cold conditions in contrast to polypropylen
  • greater durability against fats and oils
  • Production from 80% renewable energies
  • For 1 kg of NWTRL PE, the raw material binds 3 kg of CO²
  • White coloured due to material

A overview of the characteristics

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