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LENSER i-Plate - Titelbild für Rent your suscess
LENSER i-Plate

LENSER i-Plate

Find out all about the world's first intelligent filter plate.

Dynamic residual moisture measurement using digital sensors
Process monitoring is becoming increasingly important in the field of filter presses.
Countless parameters have long been recorded and evaluated by using standard laboratory analysis in order to optimize the filtration results in a time-consuming, iterative way.
Analysis of the filtration process
The LENSER i-Plate short-cuts the conventional procedures: The integrated sensor records the entire filtration process based on humidity, temperature and electrical conductivity in the filter cake allowing adjustments within the filtration cycle yielding potential increase of production capacity, savings in energy and material resources.

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LENSER i-Plate Brochure

Our brochure contains all the information you need. Download now.

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Our LENSER i-Plate service packages

Our customized packages offer you exactly the support you need.

From basic entry to comprehensive premium support – we have the right solution.

  • BASIC: The ideal start with the essential components for your requirements.
  • VISUAL: One step further – also benefit from extended monitoring tools.
  • AUTOMATION: Greater efficiency thanks to automation upgrades and comprehensive on-site analysis.
  • PREMIUM: All the benefits of the Automation package plus first-class service level agreements.

Each package builds on the previous one and offers you more and more options for your success. Find the package that best suits your needs and experience the difference with LENSER!

The BASIC and VISUAL packages are suitable for the new "Rent-Your-Success" program, the leasing option exclusively for the LENSER i-Plate.

New: Rent-Your-Success

Now even more flexible: Exclusively for those interested in the Basic and Visual service packages:
Lease a digital sensor and optimize the filtration process effortlessly, without investment approval.

If you want to gain insights into the dewatering behavior of your filtration environment over a temporary period, we now also offer you the option of leasing the digital sensor with a monthly terminable usage contract.

In order to be able to read out your filtration cycle with "Rent-Your-Success" and adapt it sustainably, all you need to do is purchase a LENSER filter element (LENSER i-Plate) tailored to your needs. The sensor is embedded in this.
The duration of the user contract is between a minimum of three and a maximum of 24 months.
After 24 months (or earlier), the user can purchase the sensor (offset against up to 12 monthly fees paid).

This gives you even more flexibility to enjoy the smart benefits of our intelligent filter element and get the most out of your filtration cycles. Alternatively, the contract can be terminated early. A special PP dummy is then placed in the position of the sensor, which is sent back to LENSER.


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